Mission Empowerment India is one of the key flagship programs of Swamitra, which aims at creating a Divyansh Society which, like a divine world, is enlightened about itself and has the skills and courage to create an ecosystem which has peace, love and harmony embedded in it.

Children being germinating seeds of the future world, form the most important focal point of our interventions. The mission, through its varied interventions looks into the holistic development of schools and children.





Learning to know

ज्ञानयोग aims at developing one’s concentration and memory and thereby enabling them to think.




Learning to do

कर्मयोग focuses on the ability to relate one’s learning to the real world and thereby put them into practice.




Learning to live Together

सहयोग prepares an individual to live a peaceful life in the society and enables them gain values and skills required for the same.


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