ISANS (International School association for Noble Support)


To develop schools as lighthouse of the society.


The association formed will be a network of schools that will act as the lighthouse of the society and will come together to promote the idea of GOOD TO GREAT SCHOOL, thereby focusing upon each good school gradually moving towards being great schools.

  1. Consultancy Network Services: It aims to support school and improve their management and functioning through online and offline consultancy services. A team of consultants will be formed and the schools will be linked to the team through web services. The schools can opt for the services as per their requirements.
  1. Samarambh: It focuses on social entrepreneurship for social livelihood by establishing school with maximum earnings in terms of social and economic returns and by providing training/ workshops for capacity building of school leaders/ teachers on topics related to action learning, event management school management, design thinking, fund raising mechanisms, crowd funding etc.
  1. Curriculum For Life: A Supplement of Curriculum magazine through which the overall development of a child will be targeted. Different activities related to the academic, physical, social and cognitive development will be facilitated, promoted and shared among the schools and then will be promoted and branded locally and globally in education community in the form of a campaign.. The major columns are:

Expression/ अभिव्यक्ति: A campaign that will cover the stories of schools and will give them a platform to showcase their good practices.

Interest/ अभिरुचि: A campaign that focuses on the involvement of children in various academic and co-curricular activities of their school.

Perception/ अनुभूति: A campaign that bridges the gap between the generations i.e. children and their elders.



Create a better life and provide self-sufficiency to the all section of people.


Taking a bottom-up approach towards the concept of Naimishiya, the project will promote collaborative learning by focusing on three major concerns of our society- education, health and self sufficiency.


  1. Education: The initiatives under this umbrella aim at holistic development of children at their school by promoting activity based learning, digital literacy, skill development, cultural exchange etc.
  2. Health, hygiene and environment: Health initiatives focus on mental, physical as well as spiritual health while initiatives for hygiene and environment focus on creating awareness related o hygiene and environment and providing training and workshops related on the related issues.
  3. Self-sufficiency- The initiatives under self-sufficiency focus on capacity development of children to improve their life skills and as well as their employability skills.